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SadafKooh Stone Company is one the major exporters of building stone to all over the world. Ownership of quarry and factory enable us to guarantee the supply rate as well as high quality of products. We export to many countries through our offices in the Germany, China and UAE.

Best Quality

As main policy of our factory we do observe to all defined standard`s terms from extracting in quarry to processing in factory. Permanent satisfaction of our worldwide customers and being successful and well known in domestic market is an evidence for our claim.

20 years of experience

SadafKooh Stone Company with the growth and development in almost two decades has been played an active role in stone industry, our company is an integrated enterprise that extracts, transform and process the stone in its own factory.

SadafKooh Stone Co

Sadafkooh Stone Company has been established in 2000 base on mining activities in the Isfahan, Considering ownership of marble`s quarry, minerals and commercial offices in different countries became one of the biggest mining companies active in Iran. The company is active in extracting and production of building stone, such as marble in different types of tiles and slabs, we also exploits and process minerals such as barite and salt drilling.Thanks to strong management, experienced consultants and expert staff , we can meet worldwide demands for wholesalers, importers ,architectures and stone factories.

Direct Manager`s Message

Sadafkooh stone Company with almost two decades activity and experience in stone industry and related products and having experienced staff that is its main asset has been always strived to produce high quality products, excellent and unique in its kind to take an effective step forward for developing this industry.
Due that, strict observance of international standards and enhancing producing capacity by utilizing the modern machinery, led to produce high quality product, hence we are able to not only supply domestic orders but also expand our activity business in the foreign markets and export to other countries.



Sadafkooh Marble

Sadafkooh Marble ”combination of art and industry”

Our expert staff produces highest quality marble in Iran.

Skilled Staff

The greatest asset of Sadafkooh Company is its experts that distinguish the company from others.

Best Quality

Our products are the finest and highest quality marbles in Iran.

Best Manufacturer

Our company has been introduced as best manufacturer of Iran in 2015 through the ”Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade”