WHITE ONYX is a gemstone that has a meaning and properties of making owner’s mind positive. It would purify negative energy. White Onyx is a gemstone that can clear anxiety or sadness. It can help you recognize yourself correctly by organizing your mind. This gemstone is popular as an amulet to keep things in track.

white onyx 1
green onyx


GREEN ONYX brings a translucent, dreamy aspect ot any project. Its exotic beauty evokes soft moonlight; making Onyx a desired element in jewelry for centuries. Dramatic yet serene, Green Onyx is exquisite in any setting.


PINK ONYX is an exotic pink slab with incredible translucency, color, and depth amid striking black veining. Since antiquity, pink onyx has been revered as a healing stone that promotes healthy relationships and acts as a ward against various ailments and pain. Whether one subscribes to these ideas or not, there’s no denying its beauty.

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