Sadafkooh, who owns one of Iran's largest marble quarries and brings marble to life by utilizing the world’s most modern Technologies, was founded in the city of Isfahan in 1991.
Currently the leading company in the natural stone sector in Iran, Sadafkooh launched its first investment in 1999 at the beige marble quarry in Jandaq, which ultimately became one of the nation’s largest marble quarries. Over the years Sadafkooh has opened an additional three quarries in Iran’s most important marble reserve areas.
As it continues to initiate fresh investments in the new quarries, Sadafkooh is simultaneously increasing its plant capacity, already among the world’s largest integrated facilities, in order to keep pace with the high production rate of its quarries in Iran.
Featuring a wide range of products, Sadafkooh offers the sector new generation solutions for both standard and custom made products, which is in line with the world-class productions standards that exceeds even European norms.
All this is made possible because of the Company’s advanced technology and high quality standards, as well as the success of its sustainable production processes. Safakooh produces marble in the form of blocks, slabs and cut-to-size products and exports to approximately 25 countries around the world, including North America, Europe, Africa, Central Asia and the Far East.